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1$ Enjoy.


Is the name of an art project created by the artists Reouth Keren and Natalie Feldesman. The project contains five works categorized as: Beauty, Resistance, Leisure, Intellect and New.


Each category resembles an aspect that should be in an artwork: the artists took these categories and defined each work made by them.


They turned the gallery space into a centre of consumption of art experiences. Does the definition of a work control the viewer's experience more than the work in itself?


Another aspect of the project is the power systems of the art world.


The definition of a "ready-made" object is that every object (product) that the artists declares as an art object, is an art object. An object and a product are determined by the market and the industry. If we go a bit further in our mind- we can see that the person has become the product. If the person is the product, then the artist, which is also a person, can be a "ready-made" in an artwork. So everything the product produces is also a product- a "ready-made" for the use of the artist in his work.


The latter is the introduction for the use of other artist's work as "ready-mades" inside the work of Reouth and Natalie.


The choice of taking over another person's work and making it your own is parallel to the ways the wheels turn in the world of consumption. This action tries to comment and expose such ways inside the art market. Furthermore, the work questions the value of the artwork and questions how social structures affect the consumption and production of art. Is the experience of art connected to the methods of consumption?


1$ Enjoy.


In a world of mass consumption there is never enough. Commodity is a necessity. We consume cheap thrills in life and in objects. Nothing lasts for a lifetime. There is a constant quest for pleasure- enjoyment- but it is never enough.


Pleasure represents social status, power and success. Just like money, it has become something we long for and that gives meaning to life. Because what is the meaning of things if we won't enjoy them?


We don't necessarily know what we want- but we want to want.


The artwork falls into the same sense of pleasure. It is defined by a market, a market in which brands sell.


The project aspires to raise these questions of branding and consuming, creating and objectifying. It also tries to offer the viewer an experience of art which is built from all of the above.


**In the projects the artists used the works of these artists as readymades: Hila Harel and Zipa Kamisnky, Meir Tati, Mika Hazan Bloom, Moshik Chen, Ohad Matalon. Each artist signed a contract


with the pair in which he declares that he gives his artwork as a "readymade" for the free use of the project 1$Enjoy.


1$ Enjoy.