Gabirol Gallery


In Beachwood, I paid homage to abandon malls across America. The pieces I created are memorials of a rundown dream, which has reinvented itself in order to adapt to a new world. This aspect of my work is similar to the conjuring of a fortune teller of a future archeological site, where my work portrays gravestones of a past society, which worshiped consumption and is now preserved as a monument.


I created a murky place where still-life artifacts resurrected themselves to populate routine day to day spaces. The mall is such a place, the center of today’s culture, our modern day temple - where money is the god we worship.


The installation is in limbo, a symbol of the American dream, a surrealistic hyper-colorful space, where the viewer walks through a cinematic set, passing one absurd sculpture after another.

There is a sense of death in the space, especially when encountering a man smiling in a painting hung from the ceiling. This is a portrait of my father, who lived the American dream and passed away.